Sunday, November 27, 2011

Planning For 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Underway

Seems like it was just yesterday that all of us here in Rock Hill were celebrating our Third Place win in the 2011 Sullivan Renaissance Category B division, though the winners were actually announced almost three months ago. As we head into December and the end of year Holidays, discussions are being held as we look toward 2012 Sullivan Renaissance, and a lot of ideas and suggestions are on the table, and we would like to hear from anyone and everyone...are there projects you would like to see incorporated into Rock Hill's application for 2012, have an idea for a fun project or project element you would like to share? Please share it in our comments section, or drop us an email at

We are hoping to move up and apply in the Category C division for 2012, so look for more news on this in the coming days and weeks...the Mid March deadline sounds like it is so far off, but there is a lot of planning that has too be done between now and then. Some of the possible project areas and ideas we have gotten so far include:

  • A bird watching area with a bench by the wetland area.
  • Major work on the new location for the Farmer's Market...perhaps including a small stage for our musicians. Repair and renovation of the cottage.
  • Consistent signage and new color scheme to help in branding Rock Hill.
  • Removing chain link fence by Pizza The Rock, clean up of the woods to right of fence.
  • Flower boxes on the sides of buildings/on corners.
  • Cleaning up of community bulletin board, fresh paint. Some flowers, a bench or two?
  • Create new entryway into Farmer's Market area complete with new landscaping.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

End of year cleanup is Friday at 3pm.  Meet at Dutch's. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hey Everybody!  Welcome to the new blog for our entry in the Sullivan County Renaissance Project.  Our goals are to make Rock Hill an even better place to live through the grants of the Sullivan Renaissance beautification program.  The goal of this blog is to have a two way street with the community, to have full disclosure of what we are doing, community feedback and a sharing of ideas with the public. Please come back to our blog often to see our progress. 


Melinda and TW