Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rock Hill Wins Best Planning Award and $5,000! Congratulations To All Involved

Rock Hill Comes Up Short In Quest To Win Gold

Last night Sullivan Renaissance held their annual awards ceremony giving out over $100,000 in grants and scholarships.  Having draw up the plans for Rock Hill's Category C project, I was watching the results closely, hoping the community would walk away with the Golden Feather award, and the $25,000 grant that comes along with it.  Sadly, that hope was not enough, and congratulations to Narrowsburg Beautification Group who walked away with the big prize of the night, with Liberty Community Development coming in second,  walking away with a $10,000 grant for future projects.
Not all is bleak for the hard working group over in Rock Hill.  As the person who drew up the designs for Rock Hill's project this year, was very pleased to see they did not walk away empty handed, winning the award for Best Planning and the $5,000 grant that goes along with it.  If you get a chance, head over to Rock Hill's new Farmers Market location, and appreciate the efforts put into this award winning project.
Congratulations to all of last nights award recipients...any one who participated in Sullivan Renaissance Projects was already a winner.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Don't Forget...June 23rd is Sullivan Arc Garden Tour

The now annual Garden Tour is hosted by the Sullivan Arc, in cooperation with theSullivan Renaissance, and the Roscoe-Rockland Chamber of Commerce. 
The tour features  exclusive looks at some of our areas most beautiful private gardens.  This years tour features gardens in and around the hamlet of Roscoe on Saturday, June 23, 10am – 4pm.  
You can take a self-guided tour... tickets and maps available for those who want to drive their own vehicles for just $25 per person, or for $35 per person hop a ride on the  guided bus tour, which includes travel on a Rolling V coach bus, guide, door prizes and snacks.  
Wine and cheese reception for all ticket holders and garden owners follows the tour at the Tennanah Lake Golf and Tennis Club. Tour will benefit the SullivanArc Horticulture program.

You can purchase tickets online.

Rock Hill Farmers Market Off To Great Start

Opening of Rock Hill Farmers Market Huge Success

The Full Parking Lot Says It All
Yesterday was the official opening of the 2012 Rock Hill Farmers Market, and saying it was successful would be an under statement.  The parking lot was filled to capacity, patrons were treated to a wonderful array of tasty, healthy, organic food and beverage products (including wine and hard cider), and there seemed to be something there for everyone as the new location took on the feel of a mini festival, a Farmers Market taken to the next level.

I came home with some serious yummies in my short visit there...amazing how a serious sun burn sends you back home for much needed rest.  My own favorite vendor would come down to A)  Tonjes Farm Dairy who makes some wickedly tasty organic yogurts....the Wild Blackberry and Raspberry are ummm ummm good if I do say so myself, and B)  artist and musician Deborah Anne Fisher...I picked up two really nice canvas pieces of hers that I will frame and hang up somewhere in my apartment. 

There was live music under a K-D canopy, and cannot wait till the new gazebo is on site.  There were homemade organic soaps, fresh raised organic meats and treats, even pony rides for the kids.  They say one picture is worth a 1,000 words, so rather than keep typing, let me share a few photographs of the grand opening event.  Make sure you visit every Saturday...it is a great way to support our LOCAL FARMERS.
Yes, Even The Kids Got In On The Act

Pony Rides...Some Need Convincing

Fresh Organically Grown Produce
Even Otto Was Having Great Time

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Volunteer Day & Other Project News

We are having a big Renaissance Project work day on Saturday June 9th from 9am - 1pm. The plants are arriving so any help would be appreciated. We will meet at the new Farmers Market location. If you have them bring shovels and rakes and other implements of gardening.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!...Farmers Market opens up  next weekend, June 16th! 

It's that time of year again..time for fresh, local products!!

For the 2012 season, the Rock Hill Farmers' Market is moving to 223 Rock Hill Drive, at the Trading Post employee parking lot, located across from Dr. Longo's office and next to Pizza the Rock. 

The market will run every Saturday from 
June 16th - September 8th

The new location is part of this year's Rock Hill Beautification project. So if you are interested in helping to spruce up the parking lot, let us know or check out the blog to learn more:
The 2012 season will have even more vendors and more local products to offer!

Our 2012 Vendors include:

  • Bashakill Vineyard: selling locally made wine
  • Beaver Dam Brook Farm: selling vegetables
  • Bettinger Bluff Farm: selling grass fed beef
  • Heirloom Botanicals: selling locally made skin care products from herbs
  • M & S Farm: selling goat cheese, yogurt and eggs
  • Majestic Farm: selling eggs, chicken and pork
  • Neversink Farm: selling organic vegetables, along with cut flowers, eggs and chicken 
  • Northern Farmhouse Pasta: selling handmade past using New York State organic flour
  • Tonjes Farm: selling Sullivan County produced milk, cheese and yogurt
  • Trussbridge Farm: selling vegetables
  • The Cidery: selling locally made hard cider
  • The Bake House: selling homemade baked goods
 For more information about our vendors check out our website at: www.rockhillfarmersmarket.com

We are looking for containers for our Sullivan Renaissance project...more on this later in the week, but if you have some old containers that would make great planters in and around the Farmer's Market, or an old wagon that could be turned into a planter, let us know.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

20 Trees Up For Adoption In Rock Hill

We are looking for 20 people or businesses to support our 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Project by adopting a tree.  Just click on the form above, print it, fill it out, and reserve your tree today. I am going to reserve one myself, so we have just 19 trees still up for adoption.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visit Pond Eddy Blog, and Sign The Petition...Need 5000 Signatures

Pond Eddy...A Pictorial

The Road To Pond Eddy
Though some might not know it, the Pond Eddy Bridge is a destination, the drive there, walking across the bridge taking you back to far simpler times.  The PA. DOT seems to have just three options they are willing to consider right now, and none of the three are acceptable.  Their first, and probably preferred option is to just tear the bridge down and replace it...the fact that said bridge is on the Federal Registry of Historic Landmarks makes that option a tricky one.  
Greek Orthodox Church
Their second option would be to buy the people on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge out, relocate them...to where?  With all due respect, if you walk across the bridge, make a right and walk down till you come to the old tracks, you would realize you cannot put a price on the beauty, solitude and serenity those people have right outside their front or back doors.  How would you propose to make someone whole if you took their property through imminent domain?  Yes, they are pretty isolated, but guessing they want it that way, enjoy the sound of the river passing by, enjoy the silent beauty of a walk down the tracks, perhaps picking berries along the way.
The third option would be to give the bridge to someone willing to MOVE IT so that they can build another new ugly bridge in its place, and in the process destroy the quiet solitude and beauty that is that special place...and for what?  Why would a bridge of four lanes need to be built?  Why would a bridge capable of supporting heavy trucks need to be built where a romantic one lane bridge has more than sufficed for decades upon decades?...perhaps to open the land up for development, or worse, fracking?  What about what the people on the two sides of the bridge want?
Pond Eddy, the bridge, the surrounding area are a very special place, a place of history, a rare space of pristine beauty, quiet and peaceful...all rare commodities in these times in which we live.  Pond Eddy is a place where I could see myself living.  As I write, find myself wishing I had the money to buy up the old Motel and Pizza place, restoring them both, perhaps putting in a small walk up window where people could stop in for a soft serve cone and to ask directions.  The slow pace would suit me, could see myself snuggling in for the winter, maybe writing a book, or taking my camera and driving up the road a piece in the hopes of catching a Bald Eagle on its own winter sojourn.
To know Pond Eddy, to spend some time there is to love it, to recognize it as the special destination that it is.  I would encourage all those who hold the bridges fate in their hands to take a nice slow drive to the bridge.  Roll down your windows and drive slowly, leaving rushing to others as you take the time to take everything in, stopping the car at the sound of water, or slowing down further to admire the flock of wild turkeys meandering along the edge of the woods.  When you arrive at the bridge, park your car across from it, and walk across the bridge, stopping between the two spans to hear the water, the birds, the wind.  Once on the other side, revel in the silence as water splashes down the rock face on the left, towering trees shading you from the heat.  Walk up onto the track and look off into the distance in both directions and you can almost hear the train whistle as history whispers in your ear.
Pond Eddy, the bridge are more than the sum of their parts, and the magic that is the place should be saved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Volunteer Opportunities This Saturday, May 19, 2012

Get Out And Garden Day ROCK HILL

Just reminding everyone that this Saturday, May 19, 2012 is the Sullivan Renaissance's "Get Out and Garden Day" and we are hoping many of you can come over to Rock Hill and give a hand on this year's Category C project at the NEW LOCATION for the Rock Hill Farmers Market which will be opening in June!

Sullivan Renaissance Press Release:
Volunteers Needed to Help in Communities on 
May 19
FERNDALE – Volunteers from many communities throughout Sullivan County will be “getting out and gardening” this Saturday, May 19.  Residents are particularly needed to help at work days in three communities – Woodridge, Wurtsboro and Swan Lake – but many communities have work days planned.  Residents are also encouraged to tend to their own gardens on this day.
“Some people don’t realize that most of the public gardens we enjoy throughout Sullivan County are maintained by volunteers, many who have been tending these flowers for over ten years,” said Sullivan Renaissance Director Glenn Pontier, “Now some of these communities need new recruits to help.  The benefits of volunteering include meeting your neighbors and that real sense of contributing to an endeavor that makes the community more attractive.” 
Sullivan Renaissance is helping to organize community work days from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in the following locations:
  • Woodridge: Meet at the gazebo in the Veterans’ Park at the corner of Green Avenue and Tabacynski Road
  • Wurtsboro:  Meet at the Mamakating Library on Sullivan Street
  • Swan Lake:  Meet at the cemetery on White Lake Turnpike (behind the firehouse)
While no experience is necessary, volunteers should bring their own gloves and tools if they have them.  The first ten volunteers to arrive in each community will receive free tickets to Thunder 102’s “Thunderbash” concert at the Monticello Casino & Raceway that evening.
Other Saturday gardening events include: Rock Hill Renaissance WorkDay from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., volunteers meet in the Trading Postparking lot in Rock Hill; and the Sullivan West Edible Garden Build Day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Elementary School in Jeffersonville.
Sullivan Renaissance is also planning additional community work days in the coming weeks.  Volunteers are needed to help in Roscoe, Livingston Manor, and Jeffersonville on Saturday, June 2.  A community work day will be held in Woodbourne on Saturday, June 16.  Volunteers who help out at these work days will be entered into a drawing for tickets to see the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and fireworks show on July 7 at Bethel Woods.
Most of the communities are part of Sullivan Renaissance’s Maintenance Grant Program.
Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, FisherMears Associates, Robert Green Dealerships, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter, Thompson Sanitation and WSUL/WVOS.  For information call Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2445 or visit www.sullivanrenaissance.org.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Update

Last week was a busy week for many of the wonderful folks involved in this year's Rock Hill Category C project.  The facelift of the former Visitors Center is almost complete, and the building looks incredible.  A big round of applause too all those who have worked on this makeover.

Three members of the team attended two different seminars/workshops over at the CVI building.  I attended the one last Monday on Conservation Planning...it was a great workshop that shared a different approach to large projects.  My own problem with the concept is a problem with almost every project be it residential, commercial or industrial in nature.  Never is the cumulative effect of ALL PROJECTS considered when approving or voting down a proposed project.  At some point sustainability needs to supersede growth.

Last Saturday a small army of volunteers showed up at the site of our new Farmers Market to continue efforts to prep the site.  A quick head count showed ten people who were picking up trash, moving rocks, raking and trimming as well as one person operating a very large tractor as heavy objects were moved to a central location for removal from the site.

Just a reminder...tonight is another work night for anyone that wants to stop by.  People will be arriving around five, and working for 2-3 hours...hope to see you there.

Saturday Work Session

10 Volunteers 40 Volunteer Hours

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Save the Historic Pond Eddy Bridge

Friends of Pond Eddy To Announce MAJOR CAMPAIGN

Yesterday I went for a drive out to see the historic Pond Eddy bridge, and though in need of some serious work, the bridge is a beautiful spectacular piece of workmanship, and the area around it makes for an incredible scenic drive along the rivers edge...do bring a camera (something I forgot to do yesterday, so will have to make the trip again.  Rather than repair the bridge, the government in its infinite wisdom (make sure to catch my sarcasm) wants to tear it down and put up an UGLY modern day bridge that A) is not needed, and B) in no way fits in with the scenic nature of the area...why you asked?  Because they FAILED MISERABLY in maintaining the historic Pond Eddy bridge that was ENTRUSTED (emphasis added) to them.  Well, a group of concerned citizens is looking to save that bridge, and they will announcing a MAJOR CAMPAIGN to try to save it.  WE do not need a new bridge to nowhere, we need the bridge that is there and it's historical significance preserved.
The Short and Sweet Press Release:
Friends of Pond Eddy Bridge – and many others – will announce a major campaign to save the historic Pond Eddy Bridge on Saturday, May 19th at 3:00 p.m. on the All Veterans Memorial Bridge in Pond Eddy.  
Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as we bring attention to this important local cause.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Month of May Volunteer Opportunities

We have put together a schedule for the month of May- this way people have different opportunities to help out. You can come to one, two (whatever fits your schedule) -for an hour, before lunch or all day- whatever works for you!! Any help is appreciated!!

For every work day we will meet at the new location for the Rock Hill Farmers' Market (employee parking lot for the Trading Post) . 

The work days are as follows:

Saturday, 5/5  9am -1pm
Wednesday 5/9 5pm - 7pm 
Wednesday 5/16 5pm - 7pm
Saturday 5/19 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 5/22 5pm - 7pm
Wednesday 5/23 5- 7pm
We look forward to seeing everyone...Give Mel or Gary a call if you have questions, or want to work at times other than these listed.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Sullivan Renaissance Project Work Day in Rock Hill A Lot of Fun...and WORK!

Local Kids Help With Litter Pluck
And so it begins...this winter and early spring, plans have been made, applications sent in, and finally just two weeks ago, grants were given...in preparation of that day, work had already begun on Rock Hill's 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Category C project.  This past Saturday, April 28th was the first OFFICIAL volunteer work day on the chosen site for the Farmers Market, as well as clean up and preparation work at some of the other sites in town as maintenance on previous years projects was started, and old flower beds were prepared for much needed face lifts.

Help From Master Gardener Program
There was help aplenty on hand for this first day as our fearless leaders (that would be Melinda) handed out assignments, and sent people off to various locations in town for a wide array of work assignments ranging from trimming the crab apple trees, to plucking garbage along roadways, and in our new project area.  Others were sent off to Pizza The Rock too work with one of Sullivan Renaissance's trainees in the Master Garden Project as the bed in front of this business in town was prepared for a new fresh look for 2012.

Gary...Heavy Equipment Operator
The work day last four hours from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.  Though not an official count, it look like there were at least 15 volunteers who made an appearance, contributed to all the things which were accomplished.   A special THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who showed up, got dirty and volunteered...it was a hard half days work, but a fun one.  We will be announcing another work day in the very near future.  If you or your group would like to volunteer, please contact Melinda at (845) 807-2034 or Gary at (845) 866-3783.
Notice Boo Boo

We had one wounded warrior on Saturday when a stubborn branch poked our fearless leader (that would be Melinda) in the forehead leaving her with a quite noticeable boo boo...it did not keep her from smiling, and taking everyone's teasing in stride.  We are thinking we should start a "Wounded Gardener Program". giving out certificates to everyone getting scratched, cut or poked during this year's project.

Estimated Volunteer Hours for day: 60

A very special thanks to Dutch's here in Rock Hill who gave all of our volunteer workers a lunch discount after the day of community service was completed.  Several hard workers enjoyed a much needed break and some great food when the work was done.  They have a FABULOUS Open Mic night every Thursday evening, so stop in and say hello...great food, great drinks, and some wonderful people...what more can you ask for?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Miss Our WORK DAY This Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hi Everyone!

The Rock Hill Business and Community Association was recently awarded a $5,000 grant from Sullivan Renaissance for our Category C project... And we have big plans for it!
We will be focusing our efforts this year on Rock Hill Drive, specifically working with the Trading Post and the new Rock Hill Farmers' Market location. 

Our first work day will be this Saturday April 28th at 9am. Meet at the Trading Post Employee Parking lot (new location for Farmers' Market). We will work on maintenance of existing gardens and begin work on this year's Renaissance project. If you are able to attend, please bring shovels, rakes, clippers and tree pruners.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!  If you have rubber boots, might want to bring those as well.

Attention Gardeners!...Get Your Orders In Today

Attention Gardeners!...Get Your Orders In Today...Compost Bins and Rain Barrels

The Master Gardener Program is having a sale on compost bins and rain barrels, and getting your order in early can save you quite a bit of money on a QUALITY compost bin.  Those left over scraps from your everyday meals can do wonders for your garden turned into compost!  So, get your order in today and get some great savings, and a free counter top bucket.
CCE Garden Day & Compost Bin Urgent Update! 
Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 10 am to 2 pm 
The Sullivan County Master Gardeners announce their Annual Plant & Flower Sale. Healthy refreshments are for sale by the Eat Smart New York Program. 
Earth Machine compost bins are available, as supply allows. Please pre-register.
New, Low Cost! - Compost Bins: $35 each 
Pre-registrants will receive a free kitchen scrap bucket! 
Only pre-registered orders are $35. Day-of purchases are full price at $55. 
Rain Barrels are for sale at event only for $75 each. 
Call Cindy at 845-292-6180 to register for your compost bin or send your name, phone number, and check to: 

CCE Sullivan County
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd, Liberty, NY 12754. 
This program is made possible in part by a Sullivan Renaissance Environmental Initiatives grant.
Nicole Slevin
Family & Consumer Science Program Educator II
Marketing & Public Relation
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd., Liberty, NY 12754
845-292-6180, ext. 114

Monday, April 23, 2012

May 2nd...Save The Date For Sullivan Renaissance Leadership Seminar

Another wonderful seminar is being offered by the folks over at Sullivan Renaissance, so mark your calenders for this wonderful event being held at the CVI building beginning at 7:00 PM...please make your reservations early.  This is a wonderful workshop for community leaders, or future community leaders who are involved in Sullivan Renaissance projects.

Leadership  Seminar
May 2, 2012 at 7:00 PM
CVI Building, Liberty NY
Refreshments will be served! Please pre-register online at sullivanrenaissance.org or email to info@sullivanrenaissanc.org. You may also call our office at 845.295.2445.

"Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others that clarifies and expands a vision of the future."
Edward H. Friedman

Rockhill Awarded $5,000 Category C Grant From Sullivan Renaissance

It is OFFICIAL...Rock Hill has qualified for, and been awarded a Sullivan Renaissance Category C grant in the amount of $5,000.  Everyone in Rock Hill, all of our wonderful volunteers are anxious to get working, and we hope many of you will be joining us...watch the blog for updates on volunteer opportunities.  If you or your business would like to make a donation of goods, services or money to this year's project in Rock Hill, please contact Mel at (845) 807-2034 or Gary at (845) 866-3783

Sullivan Renaissance Press Release

Sullivan Renaissance Announces Grants:



Monticello Planting What Grows Best in the Region – How Easy Is That

[LIBERTY] – Last Thursday evening volunteers from dozens of communities throughout Sullivan County received information about the best plants to grow in the region – and what kind of containers to put them in – while picking up grants for beautification and community development projects.
Sullivan Renaissance announced over $100,000 in funding for 40 grants and three special initiatives during its annual Spring Forum on April 19 at the CVI Building in Liberty.  The list of participating communities and projects is attached.  Additional grants will be awarded over the next several weeks. 
Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsorships are provided by WSUL/WVOS for Category A projects; Thunder102 for Category B projects; and Thompson Sanitation for seasonal projects.  The Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter and FisherMears Associates are also major sponsors.
Thursday’s program featured a presentation entitled “Container Gardening – How Easy Is That” by Amy Lewis, Mary Lewis and Vivian Multari-Ginsberg.  They outlined how to design site specific “garden-scapes,” give the containers the “Wow” factor by including the Renaissance Collection, and use the best practices to plant and maintain the containers.
The Renaissance Collection of annuals and perennials includes nine plants that do well in the Sullivan County climate and are designed to assist communities as the basis of new gardens or as additions to existing beds.  The plants were displayed at the forum, and the collection is available from local nurseries and garden centers.
The program opened with the singing of “Imagine” by Amanda Langseder, Director of Programming at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County.  The program was followed by refreshments and distribution of grants and “flower dollars” to community projects. 
Beginning its 12th year, Sullivan Renaissance is helping projects expend less effort while becoming more successful, in part through better garden design and planning.  A garden design panel reviewed plans for all of the new 2012 projects, while communities completed Maintenance Assessment Forms for their existing gardens.
Many projects will also receive support from paid interns through a partnership with Sullivan County Workforce Development
The five categories of grants announced on Thursday, include:
·         13 single element projects in Category A received $1000 grants and $100 in flower dollars;
·         8 multiple element projects in Category B got $1500 grants and $250 in flower dollars;
·         4 community-wide projects in Category C were given $5000 grants and $500 in flower dollars;
·        11 maintenance support grants designed to meet specific needs in the community received $1000 grants, $250 in flower dollars and various kinds of technical assistance;
·        4 environmental initiatives totaling $8500 were awarded for: a composting project; accessible planting beds and solar powered water fountain at a community garden; a demonstration apple orchard; and continued work on an educational trail and outdoor learning space.
Sullivan Renaissance Flower Dollars are a resource that allows groups to purchase additional annual plants by July 8.  The flower dollars can only be used at local participating nurseries, greenhouses or garden centers; and they must be matched with plantings of an equal or greater value.
The beautification and maintenance efforts must be completed by August 6.  Those vying for a Phase II grant will be judged between August 9 and 12.  The second round of grants will be announced at the Sullivan Renaissance Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 13 at SUNY Sullivan in Loch Sheldrake. 
Phase II awards range between $1000 and $10,000 – with the Golden Feather Grant of $25,000 going to a Category C project.  A special Showing of Flowers award up to $5000 will be given to the community that has the best showing of flowers, along with four $1000 judge’s choice flower awards.  There are also two $1000 Special Awards in each category: historic and best design ($1000).  A Silver Feather Award of $10,000 is given in Category C, as well as a $5000 award for planning.  All projects that finish will receive completion grants.
In partnership with the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan, a limited number of scholarships to the undergraduate college of one’s choice will be offered to volunteers who make a significant contribution to a Renaissance project.  The SUNY Sullivan Foundation also offers full and part-time scholarships to Renaissance volunteers.  
Grants for seasonal demonstration projects (with support from Thompson Sanitation), additional environmental initiatives, technical assistance and mini-grants will be awarded at a later date.
Sullivan Renaissance also announced three special initiatives.
  • Sullivan Renaissance is continuing to focus special attention on the Village of Monticello for a third year, with support secured in part by Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey.  In addition to collaborating with the Village Board, the Monticello Business Association and the newly-formed Monticello Beautification Group, Sullivan Renaissance is working with a firm to design a way-finding sign system to link Broadway with municipal parking lots.
  • Recognizing their importance as first and lasting impressions, Sullivan Renaissance is also continuing work on three gateway projects.  The first is a collaborative effort with the Sullivan County Division of Public Works to refurbish the terminal and grounds at the Sullivan County International Airport in Bethel, with support secured in part by NYS Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther.  The others are improvements to Route 17 Exit 104 and the Shortline Bus Terminal in Monticello.
  • The Catskill Edible Garden Project is a new initiative this year, designed to grow the next generation of food entrepreneurs.  This is a partnership among Sullivan Renaissance, Catskill Mountainkeeper, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) and Green Village Initiative.  The program will work at school demonstration sites and at CCE to increase access to healthy food and raise awareness of food resources, nutrition and agricultural career options by incorporating a hands-on experience for youth. 
Sullivan Renaissance collaborates with many organizations and agencies.  The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce sponsors the merchant discount program with almost 75 businesses offering discounts for community projects. 
Several organizations help local groups supplement their projects by providing some level of volunteer help such as general clean-up, site preparation, planting and painting.  Other assistance may also be available.  Some of these agencies include: Alternatives to Incarceration; Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H; Daytop; Delaware Valley Job Corps Center; New Hope Community; Occupations, Inc.; Retired Senior Volunteer Program; Sullivan County BOCES; and Workforce Development Board of Sullivan County, Inc. 
Since 2001 Sullivan Renaissance has funded hundreds of projects throughout Sullivan County.  For more information about programs, call Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2445 or visit the website at www.sullivanrenaissance.org.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just in On Twitter...Did You Know?

As we race toward opening the new location for the Rock Hill Farmer's Market, thought it a good time to share this tweet from Twitter.

Study: Farmers markets are cheapest outlet for some produce

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Applications Are In For Sullivan Renaissance Projects, and Work Is Progressing On Rock Hill's Own 2012 Renaissance Project As Crews Renovate Former Tourist Center

Visitors Center Late Fall 2011
The deadline for filing Sullivan Renaissance Applications for 2012 was today at 5:00 PM, and thanks to the hard work of Melinda and many others, Rock Hill's application was timely filed for this year...Rock Hill this year has decided to step up and do a far reaching and very large project as a category C participant, and for those driving through town recently, you have been watching a major part of this year's plan come to fruition thanks to generous support of Steven Gottlieb and the Gottlieb  family.

Sure you have noticed all the work crews, and activity kitty corner across the street from the Trading Post here in town as our former Visitor's Center undergoes a major transformation from crumbling derelict building into a beautiful pristine downtown Rock Hill showcase...special thanks to the contractors and electrician who are playing a crucial role, working with Steven Gottlieb, in this incredible  makeover that is just one part of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Project:
Transformation Begins

Aaron Salovin                                                  Carl Kerber
Built To Last, INC.                                          Kerber Electric
PO Box 532                                                    PO Box 378
Rock Hill, NY 12775                                      Rock Hill, NY 12775
(845) 791-8385                                              (845) 794-3791

Diamond Starts To Sparkle
In brief discussions with the workers, with Gary Gottlieb, seems our old visitors center has quite a personal history, a history that we hope to share here in this blog...suffice it to say, that the structure has been moved numerous times (have heard a number as high as seven), and this is the building's second makeover at it's current location.  This makeover should assure that the little house that could will be around for at least another 100 years, as everything inside and out is in the process of receiving a full structural and cosmetic makeover.

Some highlights of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Application include:

1.  Moving our "Farmers Market" to this new location.
2.  Both renovation and enlargement of the Trading Post employee parking area at this site.
Some SERIOUS Work Going On!
3.  Construction and installation of a beautiful Gazebo.
4.  New raised flower bed and signage for "Farmers Market".

If you would like to know more about this year's plans, or are wanting to become a volunteer please call Melinda (845) 807-2034 or Gary (845) 866-3783

Make sure to bookmark our little blog and come back often as we will be posting updates on this year's project here regularly, as well as sharing with you occasional article or press release of interest to those who live, recreate and visit Rock Hill.  

Next big update will be early April when we find out if our application to be a Category C project is accepted by Sullivan Renaissance...everyone keep their fingers crossed!

PS...get email UPDATES whenever we post a new article by becoming a member of our blog...see right hand side bar!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Attention Gardeners! Another Great Seminar on April 18th

Another Great Spring Seminar at Cornell Cooperative Extension


Gardens Filled with Life:
Designing with
Northeastern Native Plants

April 18th at 5:30-7:30 at 
Cornell Cooperative Extension 
Sullivan County
Renowned author and landscape architect Carolyn Summers will present an informative class on the current research that reveals the many ways in which native plants form the basis of the food web that supports a healthy, biodiverse landscape. Her lecture covers ways to use a wide variety of striking native plants in a formal landscape or in a more natural setting. Come to this class and learn how to use native plants in your garden. Find out about the full design potential of northeastern flora.
Light refreshments will be served.
Fee of $10.00 must be included with registration.
Checks payable to: CCE Sullivan County/ MGP
For more info call: 845-292-5250
Mail to:
Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County
Master Gardener Program
64 Ferndale Loomis Rd.
Liberty, NY 12754
Susan M. Dollard
Master Gardener Program Coordinator
Cornell Cooperative Extension Of Sullivan County
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd.
Liberty, NY 12754

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sullivan Renaissance 2012 Conference Wrap Up

Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference HUGE SUCCESS

Steve Vegliante and Randy Resnick
First, do apologize (I do that a lot) for being AFK from the blog for a few days, but with the onset (almost) of spring here in Sullivan County, there are a lot of goings on.  This past Saturday I attended the Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference over at CVI, and walked out of the event at the very end so excited and ready to get to work on the Rock Hill Category C project that I forgot my camera...if you know me, you know I had to be pumped up to forget my camera.
 First up on the list for myself was taking a peek at the new Renaissance Collection.  This new collection of perennial plants have been chosen by Sullivan Renaissance staff for their ability to not only survive, but thrive in the challenging growing conditions of Sullivan County.  My own favorites are the Salvia and Russian Sage...what can I say, am a big fan of purple here.
Next up on the day's agenda were the Sullivan First Awards.  Recipients included Spencer Daniel Agency, Aero Star Petroleum,  the Eagle Plaza Mall, Berni's Holiday Restaurant in Rock Hill, Jim & Betty Lund of the Woodbourne Action Committee, Dave & Phyllis Moore from Neversink, Laurie Kilgore a mural painter from the Monticello area, Barbara Sush,  Saint James Episcopal Church of Callicoon, and last but not least, Keith Gilmore and the Recovery Center in Monticello.  All of these folks, businesses and organizations have contributed a lot to making Sullivan County a better place to live.
The highlight of the morning was the Keynote speaker, Joe (Gardener) Lamp L' from the television show, "Growing a Greener World".  First, it was very refreshing to find a star of his caliber to be so personable with everyone there, his words and actions both genuine  and from the heart.  He shared a lot of wonderful ideas with all of us using both video and clips from his show, the audience captivated by his words...Joe has all the qualities one looks for in a great storyteller, and his address was an enjoyable one that I would have liked to have seen go even longer than it did.  One site he shared with us that I want to pass along is for Ample Harvest where the concept is pretty simple..."Plant a row for the hungry."  In these hard economic times with our food pantries hard pressed to keep up with the demand, it is advice all those who garden should take and implement.
The workshops were as always, entertaining, educational and well attended. 
It was a great event as everyone prepares for spring, puts the finishing touches on their own applications for the 2012 Sullivan Renaissance.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Before Pictures

As everyone knows, there are BIG PLANS in the works for our 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Project as we move up and apply for a Category C grant.  Next Saturday there are two big events going on, the first being the Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference, which is being held just 11 days before applications are due for this year's grant program.  The other event is our "Second Annual Rock Hill Saint Patrick's Day Parade"...I myself am trying to figure out how I can be in two places at once, as I would love attending both.

A few of us went over to the site where the 2012 Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Category C Project (there is a mouth full) is planned to take a measurements, and to snap a few pictures of the property as it is now as we need before pictures for our application.  Seems a good idea to share some of those here on the blog as we tell the story of this years efforts.

Most efforts in 2012 will be put into the area kitty corner across from the "Trading Post" where multiple elements are being planned as the area prepares to play host to our "Rock Hill Farmers Market".   The small house that used to be our Tourist Information center will be getting a face lift, and some extensive landscaping is planned around the building perimeter.
The field is going to be cleaned up, graded, reseeded, with numerous landscaped perennial beds planned for perimeter areas, as well as two or three bird watching areas along the marsh/wetlands border area.

Right now we are seeking approval to construct a Gazebo on the property that can be used for various civic/public functions including live musical performances during our farmers market.  Other plans include a beautiful new Farmers Market sign on the front of the property.  Once completed, this new home for the Farmer's Market will have 19 permanent booths, with the ability to add in 10 temporary booths for special event days. 

If you or your organization would like to get involved in this year's community beautification project, would like to volunteer for one or more of our community work days please contact Gary at (845) 866-3783.   There is a lot of work needing to be done, and every work event is a fun time for all those involved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday Committee Meeting

Door in Winter
As the application deadline approaches, the committee members and a host of volunteers are busy with the work needing done to have an Category C Application ready for the Sullivan Renaissance deadline of March 21st.  Primary goal of this meeting was to get measurement over at the primary work site for 2012 so that some basic designs could be drawn up...WOW, had it gotten COLD OUT.  Most of the measurements were gotten, and the four committee members quickly retired to Dutch's for some warmth, and a great lunch.  

Mel gave all of us some great updates on some of the logistical issues, including a calendar of planned meetings she will be attending between now and March 21st to get everyone both on board, and signed on to the various elements of this year's category C design.  

Biggest item of discussion...beginning to gather and stage various materials that will be needed for the hardscape portions of the project.  Materials we are looking for:

1.  Quality fill material...we will be elevating the ground where gazebo sits some three feet.
2.  Quality soil (suitable for flower/perennial beds)
3.  Straight saplings (for fencing)
4.  Field stone for creation of raised beds...we will take all of the stone we can get.
5.  Large rocks as signatures in the landscape design.

If you or your company business would like to donate in-kind-services or materials, please contact Gary.  His cell phone number is (845) 866-3783.

Sherwood was tasked with having some basic sketches of project elements ready before end of February.

Meeting was adjourned.