Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday Committee Meeting

Door in Winter
As the application deadline approaches, the committee members and a host of volunteers are busy with the work needing done to have an Category C Application ready for the Sullivan Renaissance deadline of March 21st.  Primary goal of this meeting was to get measurement over at the primary work site for 2012 so that some basic designs could be drawn up...WOW, had it gotten COLD OUT.  Most of the measurements were gotten, and the four committee members quickly retired to Dutch's for some warmth, and a great lunch.  

Mel gave all of us some great updates on some of the logistical issues, including a calendar of planned meetings she will be attending between now and March 21st to get everyone both on board, and signed on to the various elements of this year's category C design.  

Biggest item of discussion...beginning to gather and stage various materials that will be needed for the hardscape portions of the project.  Materials we are looking for:

1.  Quality fill material...we will be elevating the ground where gazebo sits some three feet.
2.  Quality soil (suitable for flower/perennial beds)
3.  Straight saplings (for fencing)
4.  Field stone for creation of raised beds...we will take all of the stone we can get.
5.  Large rocks as signatures in the landscape design.

If you or your company business would like to donate in-kind-services or materials, please contact Gary.  His cell phone number is (845) 866-3783.

Sherwood was tasked with having some basic sketches of project elements ready before end of February.

Meeting was adjourned.

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