Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Sullivan Renaissance Project Work Day in Rock Hill A Lot of Fun...and WORK!

Local Kids Help With Litter Pluck
And so it begins...this winter and early spring, plans have been made, applications sent in, and finally just two weeks ago, grants were preparation of that day, work had already begun on Rock Hill's 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Category C project.  This past Saturday, April 28th was the first OFFICIAL volunteer work day on the chosen site for the Farmers Market, as well as clean up and preparation work at some of the other sites in town as maintenance on previous years projects was started, and old flower beds were prepared for much needed face lifts.

Help From Master Gardener Program
There was help aplenty on hand for this first day as our fearless leaders (that would be Melinda) handed out assignments, and sent people off to various locations in town for a wide array of work assignments ranging from trimming the crab apple trees, to plucking garbage along roadways, and in our new project area.  Others were sent off to Pizza The Rock too work with one of Sullivan Renaissance's trainees in the Master Garden Project as the bed in front of this business in town was prepared for a new fresh look for 2012.

Gary...Heavy Equipment Operator
The work day last four hours from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.  Though not an official count, it look like there were at least 15 volunteers who made an appearance, contributed to all the things which were accomplished.   A special THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who showed up, got dirty and was a hard half days work, but a fun one.  We will be announcing another work day in the very near future.  If you or your group would like to volunteer, please contact Melinda at (845) 807-2034 or Gary at (845) 866-3783.
Notice Boo Boo

We had one wounded warrior on Saturday when a stubborn branch poked our fearless leader (that would be Melinda) in the forehead leaving her with a quite noticeable boo did not keep her from smiling, and taking everyone's teasing in stride.  We are thinking we should start a "Wounded Gardener Program". giving out certificates to everyone getting scratched, cut or poked during this year's project.

Estimated Volunteer Hours for day: 60

A very special thanks to Dutch's here in Rock Hill who gave all of our volunteer workers a lunch discount after the day of community service was completed.  Several hard workers enjoyed a much needed break and some great food when the work was done.  They have a FABULOUS Open Mic night every Thursday evening, so stop in and say hello...great food, great drinks, and some wonderful people...what more can you ask for?

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