Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Update

Last week was a busy week for many of the wonderful folks involved in this year's Rock Hill Category C project.  The facelift of the former Visitors Center is almost complete, and the building looks incredible.  A big round of applause too all those who have worked on this makeover.

Three members of the team attended two different seminars/workshops over at the CVI building.  I attended the one last Monday on Conservation was a great workshop that shared a different approach to large projects.  My own problem with the concept is a problem with almost every project be it residential, commercial or industrial in nature.  Never is the cumulative effect of ALL PROJECTS considered when approving or voting down a proposed project.  At some point sustainability needs to supersede growth.

Last Saturday a small army of volunteers showed up at the site of our new Farmers Market to continue efforts to prep the site.  A quick head count showed ten people who were picking up trash, moving rocks, raking and trimming as well as one person operating a very large tractor as heavy objects were moved to a central location for removal from the site.

Just a reminder...tonight is another work night for anyone that wants to stop by.  People will be arriving around five, and working for 2-3 hours...hope to see you there.

Saturday Work Session

10 Volunteers 40 Volunteer Hours

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